Tips to Help You Decide Whether You Should Become a Personal Trainer

The fitness industry shows exciting growth prospects and this is perhaps the best time to train as a personal trainer. Hundreds of people are earning handsomely and enjoying their work too by starting their own fitness training studio. You too can become one of them by completing personal trainer courses from a reputable institute.

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However don’t enroll for the course just because everybody is doing so. You need to introspect and be absolutely sure that you have the right aptitude in order to succeed in this filed. A few tips can help you understand better if you are really made for the job. See more at EPTI Personal Training Certification.

Are you are a Fitness Buff?

You love staying fit and healthy. You have always been athletic and love participating in different fitness and sports events. You even follow a regular fitness regime yourself and love staying active. If all of these apply to you then you should definitely consider enrolling for personal trainer courses.

Do you love Interacting with People?

Interacting does not just mean being an extrovert. What you require is a caring touch, a desire to listen to people and provide meaningful suggestions. Clients don’t just attend your sessions to exercise. Many of them relate their fitness problems with difficulties in their personal life and consider you as a friend with who they can share ups and downs in their daily life.

Personal training CEC accreditation courses teach you all about how to motivate clients so that they can gradually look forward to a happier life.

Are you are Methodical and Orderly? 

Running a fitness studio is not as easy as it looks. It requires managing a thousand things all at the same time on a daily basis. You will need to keep tab of different session timings, maintain files on each and every client, take care of taxes and insurance, advertise for newer clients, update your website and so on. You can hire people but the ultimate responsibility is yours. So you really need to be neat and organized to successfully run a fitness studio.

Are you Ready to Sacrifice ‘Me Time’ ?

As a busy personal trainer you will hardly have any time for yourself. For one, you will be training clients throughout the day. Secondly, even on rest days, you will have to do your own workout in order to polish your skills and maintain your stamina. There will be very little time for relaxation.

Are you Ready to Forego your Social Life?

Another thing to consider is that you will have very little time to socialize outside your own tribe. All socializing will be with peers or clients you train regularly. You might get tired of doing the same round of people each time and yearn to meet somebody different. You will really have to juggle your professional time and personal time if you want a social life.

Are you Willing to Accept Fluctuating Income

You will never have a fixed number of clients throughout the year. There will be months when you will have very few clients and on other times (like the holiday season) when your business will bloom.

Kettlebells are total body workouts that have immense benefit vis-à-vis health and fitness. In fact, kettlebell workouts are especially recommended for women as these are also functional workouts i.e. they improve flexibility, strength and agility so that your daily functions are easier to perform.

Nevertheless, many women commit some common mistakes that really dilute the beneficial impacts of kettlebell training and can even lead to injury. Knowing how to avoid these is essential to gain the most from your kettlebell training sessions. Visit for all your kettlebell needs!

Using a Kettlebell that is Too Heavy or Too Light

Selecting the right weight is vitally important for kettlebell workouts as it allows you to train your body with maximum impact while reducing chances of injury.

Do remember that the ideal weight varies according to individual physical condition and inherent strength. In general, women can safely start with a kettlebell weighing 8kg.

However, some women (especially those who exercise regularly but not with the kettlebell) try to go for a heavier weight from the very beginning. While this is OK if they are comfortable with it, do remember that a lighter weight allows you to master the form and technique quickly.

On the other hand, many women underestimate their own physical strength and the heavy look of the kettlebell makes them scared of injuries. They begin by using a much lighter weight which actually compromises the intensity of the training.

When done correctly, kettlebell workouts are absolutely safe and give wonderful results in real quick time.

kettlebell swing

Using the Back Muscles to Swing the Kettlebell

The swing is a basic kettlebell workout that uses the power of your hips to make the kettlebell move to and fro between the legs till the shoulder height. However, many women do not master the right way of thrusting the hip forward and end up using their lower back to push the kettlebell upward. They bend too much so that the hips move outward resulting in excessive pressure on the lower back.

Moreover, excessive bending forces the head to move down and the spine to bend resulting in a hunched back. This incorrect form puts tremendous pressure on the entire back and spine and may lead to injury.

Bending to Rack and Un-rack the Kettlebell

To ‘rack’ a kettlebell is to put it in its resting position and to ‘un-rack’ it means lifting it from the resting position and holding it the right way. Women typically do not maintain the right form and tend to hunch while racking and un-racking.

Again, this stresses out the spine and surrounding back muscles; making the back susceptible to injuries.

Wearing Inappropriate Shoes

Women are prone to wearing soft, fashionable workout shoes while doing kettlebell workouts. However, it is best to leave your stylish footwear at home and wear something hard and practical instead.

Kettlebell exercises require you to manoeuvre and control a heavy weight so you should be able to dig your feet into the ground really hard in order to get maximum stability. Soft shoes do not provide such kind of grip and you can easily sprain your ankle. If you are a trainer, make sure to verify that you have cec certification in Kettlebell Courses.

Most people hardly have the time or inclination to make an extra effort and keep their body in top condition. People usually workout only when required and for a specific purpose too. However, regular exercise is not only about bulking up and getting a sculpted figure.

Personal Training workouts that incorporate simple; everyday moves to make your life easier and more comfortable. These are low intensity exercises that are safe and effective even for beginners.

Try out some basic functional workouts today to see how this regime can make a positive difference to the quality of your life.



This is one of the basic movements both in your daily life and in most workout regimes. They tone your leg muscles and improve strength in the pelvic region. The movement replicates real-life motion such as climbing stairs or hills.

To begin, stand straight with shoulders pushed back and the chin pointing in front. Engage the core and step forward with one leg. Lower the hips till both the knees are at ninety degree angle to the ground. The knee that is positioned in front should be directly above the ankle and not pushed too far out. Similarly, the knee positioned backward should not touch the ground. Hold position for a few seconds and slowly rise to the initial posture. Repeat with the other leg.

You can vary the motion by doing the backward lunge where you step backward with one foot instead of stepping forward.


This is another primary workout that replicates real-life motion of sitting. Many people need a support to sit or get up from a low plane and this workout can help improve their strength and body balance. The personal training workout also teaches you how to maintain a correct posture while sitting or getting up from a sitting position.

Begin by standing straight with feet placed slightly wider than the hips. The toes should point a little outward. Stare straight ahead, hold your chin up and engage the core. Stretch out both arms in front; keeping them parallel to each other. Break your body at the hip (do not start by bending the knees) and push the butt down slowly as you sink into the squatting position. EPTI personal trainer courses will show you the exact form you need to teach your clients how to squat perfectly.

Throughout the movement, both knees should be in line with the feet.


This is another effective functional training workout that replicates everyday motions of squatting and lifting. You need to lift a weight so consult your trainer as to how much load you can lift safely.

Begin by standing with your feet placed midway under the bar so that shins do not touch the bar yet. Place heels at hip-distance width and keep toes pointed outward. Bend from the hips (not the knees) and grab the bar with both hands placed at shoulder-width. Keep arms straight and slowly bend your knees as you drop into position and your shins touch the bar. Dan at the European Personal Training Institute say’s “to drive through your heels, squeeze your glutes and keep your chect facing forward”.

Inhaling deeply; pull up till you are standing with the weight placed against the thighs. Hold position for few seconds and slowly lower yourself by bending first at the hips. Bend the knees once the bar is past them and lower the weight slowly to the floor.